School Located in Tucson Arizona
AZ Fun Traffic Survival School!
The TSS is designed to be administered over an
eight-hour period. Since the program employs
highly interactive methods, the amount of time to be devoted to each specific subject will vary
somewhat depending upon the composition of the class. However, the following general allocation of time is suggested:

 (Getting Aquainted)
• Introduction (10 min)
• Why the Course (10 min)
• Course Responsibilities (10 min)
• Testimonials (10 min)

Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving
Working/group work in a workbook (6 hours)

 (Being Attentive)
• The Path Ahead 
• Seeing to the Sides 
• Slowing Unexpectedly / Blind Spots 
• Too Much Attention to the Wrong Things 

Following Too Closely 
• Passing / No Passing 
• Failure to Yield

  Failure to Signal Properly
• Driving Under the Influence 
• Discuss Practical Strategies
• Course Summary

TOTAL 8 Hours



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