School Located in Tucson Arizona
AZ Fun Traffic Survival School!

When are the Traffic Survival School (TSS) classes?

Currently the classes take place during the day from 8:00 AM to 4:45 PM. Please arrive at around 7:30 am at the front desk, a sign will point you to the classroom.

How much are the classes?

Please bring $135.00 Money order or cashier checks  to the class made out to AZ Fun TSS or pay $125.00 online with a Pay Pal. Once you make a payment with pay pal class must be completed within 60 days. No refunds. 

Included in that fee charge is a fee from Arizona Chapter National Safety Council of $40.70 per student. 

What if I can't find My ADOT/MVD/DMV/NSC letter? 

You can come to class and we will print you one for $5.00 We have to have the letter. Or you can print your driving record at